Advanced production technology

Creating efficiencies while reducing environmental impact…

The technology implemented by RCPA is having a significant impact on pipe production in Australia – choosing plant that not only incorporates many production efficiencies but also minimising environmental impact and usage of power.

Concrete pipes have been an integral part of most civil contracts since the late 1800’s, and production of these pipes has progressed from early hand tamped concrete, through spinning techniques to the latest vertically cast, Bi-directional machines as installed by RCPA. This technology is multiple times faster than traditional methods, and offers the customer a more cost effective product which can be virtually “made to order”.

All pipes are produced and tested to AS/NZS 4058-2007 and are third party accredited to ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management Systems. Pipes are also produced to meet the requirements of the relevant state government authorities. Please contact your relevant sales office for further information.



The Process

From start to finish
Concrete Production / REO Cage Production
Charge Mould with REO Cage
Rotate Mould into Position
Automatic Concrete Feed & Compaction
Instant Stripping & Curing
Compliance Testing
Finishing & Stockpiling