Client: City of Gold Coast.
Products: 92 x 2,100 Diameter RRJ Pipes Class 2
2 x 2,100 Diameter 16-degree bends
Project Type: Local Council Storm Water Drainage
Location: Gold Coast

RCPA Queensland based out of Yatala, is working with the City of Gold Coast to install 215m of 2,100Dia reinforced concrete pipes including a couple of 16-degree bends. The works are to reduce flooding in the Dudley Street catchment as part of the City of Gold Coast’s commitment to improving flood resilience.

As the site is located in a residential area with limited space on site RCPA had to work closely with the drainage installers to make sure that deliveries could take place in a safe manner with minimum disruption to the local residents. In addition, due to the restricted space on site RCPA had to schedule regular deliveries to provide enough pipe to allow continuation of work.

To date RCPA has delivered around a third of the pipes required and the project will go on Hiatus until the conclusion of the Commonwealth Games.