Reinforced Concrete Pipes Australia

In 1995 the vertical dry cast pipe manufacturing process was brought to Australia and adapted to the Australian market. Following a period of expansion Reinforced Concrete Pipes Australia Pty Ltd (RCPA) was formed in 2009 as a result of the merger between Reinforced Concrete Pipes (RCP) and Australasian Pipeline & Pre-Cast (APP). This merger resulted in the only national supplier of thin wall steel reinforced concrete pipe and eCP geopolymer concrete pipe that is vertically cast and solely Australian owned and operated.

Major investments in high technology machinery by RCPA has created a significant alternative supplier to those using traditional wet spun pipe and precast production in Australia – The constant drive for innovative products and processes, RCPA not only incorporates many production efficiencies of the “dry cast method” but also minimises environmental impact and the usage of power in its factories throughout Australia. A faster, more flexible and efficient manufacturing process allows us to offer much shorter lead times and a very responsive customer service. We proudly stand by our consistent superior customer service.

In 2015, RCPA acquired the fibre-reinforced concrete pipe division of James Hardie. Now known as FRCPipes, this business unit supplies FRC concrete pipes and specialty drainage products across Australia.

RCPA is now firmly established as an industry leader in the Australian Concrete Pipe market, with plants located in Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. RCPA has grown in a controlled and well managed manner since its beginnings in 2009 and has replicated a simple but successful business model into new markets. Leading each location is a highly experienced Pipe manufacturing specialist with dedication and a keen eye for quality. This manufacturing expertise is supported by a small, but specialised customer service orientated sales team and an efficient and professional administration team.

Today the RCPA Group employs 150 plus staff nationwide and we pride ourselves on tailoring our product or service to individual customer needs, big or small. Our commitment to exceeding expectations is paramount to the success of RCPA.