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RCPA SlimDrain is an ideal design alternative to conventional pit and pipe construction for larger pavements, car parks and very flat road surfaces. Using a continuous drainage grate, the system can be installed at different grades to the pipe underneath. This unique solution can be utilised in a number of different applications including invert of kerb, against median barrier, line drainage in car parks and driveways as well as spill containment. RCPA SlimDrain is constructed using FRCPipes unique high strength, light weight reinforced concrete composite that enables the product to be quickly and efficiently installed.

  • RCPA SlimDrain is not only versatile it:
  • * Is safe and cost effective.
  • * Features high capacity surface drainage capabilities.
  • * Minimises vehicular aquaplaning caused by surface water.
  • * Provides a smooth ‘bike safe’ surface.

The RCPA SlimDrain Drainage System is available with different grate configurations with a standard opening width of 48mm and length of two metres.