Rosehill Waters aerial view
Rosehill Waters
Rosehill Waters
Rosehill Waters

Client: Buckby Contracting
Products: 186 Nos 750 Dia Class 2 RCP, 303 Nos 1,050 Dia Class 2 RCP plus liners, bases and lids
Project Type: Residential Subdivision
Location: South Guildford

Rosehill Waters Estate is a dichotomy in that it is one of Perth’s newest residential estates located in Perth’s oldest settlement of Guildford. The original home of the Swan River Colony is now home to an amazing rural urban styled estate, what was once the old Rosehill Golf Course is now being transformed into a new suburb just a short way down the Swan River, the estate is surrounded by some of the most fertile land and is nature at its beautiful best.

Key to this transformation is leading Perth civil contractor Buckby Contracting, who have provided specialist services in the installation of underground amenities in the Perth Metro area for well over a decade.  RCPA and Buckby Contracting have a long history successfully working together on numerous civil construction projects in the Perth Metro Area.

Over the course of the first stage of the Rosehill Project Buckbys Contracting installed over 400 meters of 750Dia and 700 meters of 1,050 Dia concrete pipes and associated products supplied by RCPA, the scope of this project makes Rosehill Waters one of the largest urban infill projects in WA.

Due to the size and quantity of pipe required, RCPA had to work closely with Buckby Contracting to make sure that product was manufactured and delivered to site in time for installation to commence. Thanks to RCPA’s faster, flexible and efficient vertical dry cast manufacturing method that shortens conventional pipe lead times, we were able to meet Buckby Contracting’s requirement and deliver the pipes to site in advance of their installation time table.

RCPA is proud to have partnered with Buckby Contracting on the Rosehill Waters project and we look forward to the opportunity to work with the exceptional team at Buckby Contracting again on future projects.